Broken Garage Springs Replacement

A garage door can weigh lots of pounds and it would be impossible to operate it without springs that are up to the task. It is this weight that at times damages the springs after a number of operations, sub-standard installation or misuse of the door. Our company is there to help you maintain, install and repair the garage springs for a smooth garage door operation.

A garage door operator may not know the faulty part when the garage door fails, our technicians are available to visit your garage for a survey and fault diagnose the door to pinpoint the problem. When it comes to broken garage springs replacement services, our technicians follow a procedure that includes:

Site survey

Garage doors are different and it may not be possible for our technicians to know the door problems without a visit to the site first. After a client calls with a non-operational door, our technicians visit the garage to access the problem and also learn its operation points. Our technicians have experience with all kinds of garage doors and will be able to figure out the possible causes of the failure.

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Fault diagnoses

The door is tested for the possible causes of failure and the technician narrows down the causes after several tests. Their exposure to various kind of doors makes the diagnosis easier and faster as they are able to tell the cause of the problems by just observing the door operating. From the diagnosis report, our technicians are able to give a quote for the repair process to begin.

Repair and maintenance

Broken garage springs replacement is a delicate process that requires skills and appropriate tools for the job. Safety is a key measure as the spring can injure the technician, people around or even damage property. Our company has sufficient manpower and tools to handle the task without causing accidents.


A broken garage spring can be spotted out when the garage door is not operating smoothly, makes a squeaky noise or the door is not balanced. We advise garage operators to call for help when they experience problems operating the garage door as some faults can be damaging, dangerous and can cost you more if left unattended to.